Why We Win

We win because we’re smart. We’re persistent. We have experience.

Effective Legal Services

We founded Ledy-Gurren Bass & Siff as an “AV” rated, boutique litigation firm that has—with purpose—abandoned traditional law firm trappings. We believe that lavish offices in prestigious buildings do not win cases, or provide “value-added” to the management or disposition of legal matters.

Rather, adherence to the traditional law firm structure inflates overhead and ultimately costs both us and our clients money. The firm is dedicated to focusing on the litigation at hand, providing cost-effective representation, and achieving a result—whether it be by trial, dispositive motion or settlement—that is the most beneficial to the client.

We never deliver overstaffed legal services not personalized to the client’s needs. Cost-effective and effective legal services are our trademark.

Reputation as Winners

Our reputation as trial lawyers is well known. When we appear in a case, our opponents know that they are facing an adversary that has the willingness and capability to see the matter through to verdict and to win. This is a rare capability in the present litigation environment, in which jury trials—and experienced trial lawyers—are rare.

Although no strangers to the trial arena, the firm is committed to early evaluation of cases and the development of a carefully crafted, mutually determined litigation plan, which provides the client with the broadest options for case resolution.

The firm’s attorneys and of counsel have extensive experience in managing volume litigation in the products liability and general liability areas, and a proud record in defending complex class actions. The firm is well equipped to handle discovery (multi-district or local), motion practice, and trial and appellate work, from both the management and substantive perspectives.

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