About Us

Ledy-Gurren Bass & Siff LLP is a boutique civil trial and litigation law firm. Through the practice of law, our attorneys have come to embrace a different type of thinking when it comes to law firms, including:

Motto #1: Serve the Client, Not the Firm

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to truly serve a client’s needs. Our clients pay for our expertise, our passion, our experience and our execution. They will never pay for extravagant office space, fancy artwork or prestigious addresses.

Motto #2: Handle Matters Economically

Our team focuses on limiting exposure, handling matters economically, and providing advice tailored to our clients’ issues and needs. Our clients receive expert and practical advice. We understand that the most important result for the client is the one that best suits their business.

Motto#3: Never Fear a Trial

Our reputation as trial lawyers are well known to both the bench and bar. Because only an estimated 6% of cases go to trial (Arthur R. Miller, The Pretrial Rush to Judgment: Are the “Litigation Explosion,” “Liability Crisis,” and Efficiency Cliches Eroding Our Day in Court and Jury Trial Commitments?, 78 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 982, 1004 (2003)), the number of attorneys with actual trial experience is very small. The number of verdicts taken by our attorneys makes us a member of an even smaller and more exclusive club of attorneys with extensive trial experience. Over the years, many of our opponents have settled cases—rather than try them—just to get us out of the courtroom. We know how to win at trial, and this ability enables us to achieve results others cannot.

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