Legal Malpractice

As a client, it is not unusual to be dissatisfied with some aspect of a legal case. Legal malpractice, however, requires that the attorney representing you actually caused you harm by representing you in a negligent or incompetent way. This kind of undue and unjust treatment is intolerable.

Lawyers can be negligent when they sit on cases, failing to take action on the client’s behalf, exceeding the statute of limitations. Or they present the case so poorly that there’s no possibility of a just outcome.

In New York, lawyers are held to an explicit standard of professional performance. When a personal injury lawyer fails to meet that standard, he or she can be sued for legal malpractice.

Not every law firm is up to the challenge of pursuing legal malpractice cases. Experience with these kinds of complex cases is required. Very often legal malpractice cases must go to trial because the defense is provided by the lawyer’s malpractice insurance carrier.

Ledy-Gurren Bass & Siff’s legal malpractice attorneys also provide legal counsel to those who have experienced defamation, libel and slander. Our vast experience persuading New York juries is a valuable asset in achieving positive results for our clients.

With offices in White Plains, Ledy-Gurren Bass & Siff serves individuals and businesses that have been harmed by attorney misconduct across Westchester County. Our lawyers are adept at understanding the complexity of malpractice cases and mastering the challenge of courtroom litigation. Altogether, our firm can boast more than 7 decades of successful experience in the law.